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Investing In Small Businesses

Colmont Group is a private investment firm that invests in and partners with strong small businesses throughout the Southeast. We have owned and worked with many small businesses over the years. We know firsthand the successes and challenges owners face on a daily basis. As an investor and partner, we bring our operational knowledge, commercial relationships, strategic guidance and financial resources to companies to ensure our companies prosper in their next phase of growth.

We know the decision to sell your business is one of the largest and most difficult decisions you will face. Our capital is flexible and we are able to tailor our approach to fit your unique needs and timeline. We look for companies and teams who are proud of their legacy and excited about the growth prospects of the future. At the end of the day, we take pride in being partners of choice to business owners and their teams.   

Our Operating Principles

Partnership Approach

We are selective in our investments. We only look for situations where we can add tangible value to a company and build on proven teams and strong foundations.

Integrity. Always.

Our way of working is a reflection of how we live - with unwavering integrity. We are committed to upholding our strong morals and values in everything we do.

Growth Oriented

We are dedicated to taking businesses to the next level. We help companies highlight strengths and identify areas for growth while providing resources needed to achieve success.

Lead with Respect

Strong and motivated teams are foundational for success. We are firm believers in The Golden Rule and we look to partner with companies that have a culture of respect throughout the organization.

Target Excellence

We set high bars for ourselves and our company leaders. Everyday we look for ways to improve. While we are far from perfect, this pursuit of greatness serves as our beacon of strategic direction.

Celebrate Wins

We believe in celebrating achievements and wins, big and small. We are goal-oriented and believe in rewarding teams when goals are achieved.

Why Colmont Group

Uniquely Experienced

We are experienced investors and operators of small businesses across many different end markets and industries

Tailored Approach

Proven track record of closing deals quickly and discreetly. We work on your timeline and can tailor our approach accordingly

Preserve Your Legacy

We are dedicated to continuing your legacy. We are careful stewards of your hard earned reputation and company culture

Long-Term Mindset

We are long-term investors. We invest the necessary resources in companies for sustainable growth over decades

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