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Our Focus: News

Our Investment Focus

We make majority equity investments in family or entrepreneur-owned companies in the Southeast. We look for companies that have a history of stable earnings, unique competitive advantages, and strong teams in place. We find situations where companies are poised to grow with added resources or revised strategic direction. 

Owners that partner with us can be sure we understand the day-to-day realities of owning and operating a small business. We have had to 'make payroll' before and know the key to success is partnering with great people and teams. We are the right partner to preserve your legacy and take the company into its next chapter.  


North Carolina

South Carolina 





$5m+ Sales

Low Capital Intensity
Strong Growth Potential
Stable Cash Flows


B2B or B2C Services

Industrial Products
Niche Manufacturing


Owner Transition

Shareholder Liquidity

Corporate Carve Outs

We have a history of closing transactions quickly and discreetly so you can focus on what matters most 

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